At Jiffy Overhead Door, we service anything and everything related to your garage door!

This includes:

Broken torsion springs
Garage door springs are what assist with lifting the heavy garage door. Without a spring, the garage door opener (and probably you as well) would be unable to lift the door to open it. If a spring is broken, most likely your garage door will not open. If it still opens, soon your garage door opener or any other part of your garage door system could fail, resulting in higher repair costs and more headaches.

Broken lift cables
Cables are what connect the door to the torsion spring to lift the door. When you open the door, these cables should wrap around a pulley. If they are broken or are not wrapping up correctly, only one side of your door will be lifted, causing the door to wedge in the track and get stuck. Definitely not much fun when you are trying not to be late to work!

All door hardware including hinges and rollers
Garage doors are usually made of multiple horizontal panels. These panels need to be linked together and that’s done by installing hinges. The rollers are installed on the sides of the garage door and are guided by the track when the door is opened. If hinges or rollers break or are not working smoothly, your garage door opener will need to work much harder than it should to open the door. Garage door openers are meant to last a long time when installed and operated correctly. They won’t last very long when they have to work harder than they should.

Broken openers, remotes and keyless entries
You paid to not have to open your garage door by hand so don’t let any of these simple fixes prevent you from enjoying a garage door opener system that works like it should.

Weather strip
This is especially important if your garage is an attached or heated garage. Weather strip needs to be installed around all sides (even the bottom!) of the door. Don’t let a missing or worn weather strip cause your energy bills to be higher than they should. Energy bills are expensive enough without any help!

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